PADI next steps

I finally got my PADI open water certification in Koh Tao. Been on my todo list for a few years now. Now I am itching for more.
Next step is getting to adventure diver. this takes 5 specialty dives. Each month there are specialty dives of the month, which may be a special deal or something.
I think the 5 to do would be Nitrox, UW photographer, Night Dive, Diver propulsion, Nat Geo, UW navigator, Sidemount.

I think for the wreck dive you have to complete adventure diver first. But I think this will be the way to go.

USASpec iPod interface for Infiniti

USA Spec iPod gateway

Great iPod gateway. Lets you keep your satellite, and also has an analog auxiliary input.

Installed this in an 06 FX35 with factory satellite.

Configuration and installation is in the trunk area in the fx. (You connect where your satellite receiver box is.) If you want the connector to be in the center console there is enough wire to run it to there. If you’re only going to use an iPod on it you can leave it all in the trunk as you can control it from the radio. (once you get it all configured)

Plays your ipod.

Retain satellite usability. Unlike a lot of the fancier and more expensive alternatives, This one will let you keep your satellite available. (switching away and back to satellite switches between usa spec and satellite receiver.)

AUX input

Using built in Bluetooth phone in car will switch the device between satellite and USA spec. (So if you’re listening to your iPod, and answer your phone, when you hang up you will be on XM)

There is a learning curve on controlling the iPod.

LED ring flash review

Nifty Ring Light. Good deal at price. Lets you take close up and portrait pictures without a lens shadow getting in your way. There are 2 different versions are depending on which flash system you have. (Sony Pentax / Canon Nikon)

The adapter ring screws onto the threads on the end of your lens, the light clips onto the ring, and the control module attaches to your flash shoe.

You can use this in a modeling light or flash mode. There are several levels of brightness that you can set.

Few Issues I have with the unit:

1. Wider lenses you will see the ring in your picture. The A77 16-50 f2.8 kit lens you will have to zoom all the way in to not have the ring visible in your picture. With the tamron 70-200 f2.8 the ring is not an issue. (Filters will also add to this issue.)

2. Diffusers will reflect glare into the lens causing washed out pictures. If you use the clear cover it is fine. I found a work around by using a permanent marker on the very inside of the diffuser ring to make that part black.

3. Cannot use a lens cap. The opening of the adapter rings is not the same size, and there are no threads. this could be resolved by including a cap that is designed for the light.

Over all for the price this accessory cant be beat. If it were more expensive the issues would make it a 3 star review.

ROTM June 2013 Museum

June ROTM theme is Museum. I happened to have this shot from outside theĀ Serra Museum on presidio drive up the hill from old town San Diego












I ended up de-saturating the picture to get rid of the orange cast on the foreground, and to give it a bit of a classic look.

April ROTM – City Skyline

ROTM theme for april is City Skyline. So I headed out on friday to grab some shots. Im still looking to do some more processing to these. But better to put something out, and then improve, than to sit on it until its “perfect”

DSC05031 DSC05079 DSC05125-3 DSC05146-2 DSC05163 DSC05049
















































And a shot of my assistants:

Charlie and sam skyline


PQ post office take 2

Wanted to get some reflections off the PQ post office on a sunday when it was abandoned. Well turns out a lot of people still go in on sundays, I guess to get their PO box stuff. I also found the afternoon light to be not so great as the building was back lit. nevertheless here are some of what I got.

DSC03356 DSC03357 DSC03359 DSC03364 DSC03352 DSC03353 DSC03354